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For the company’s future growth and progress, the tech department has a central and important role. The team supports the company and its employees daily by coming up with technical solutions and by creating the best conditions for the use of information.

Anna Viebke, Team Leader Business Support – I like the fact that I get to work with different projects that offers me challenges in new areas. The general attitude among our colleagues is that they are positive and always like to help. It’s thrilling to work in a growing fintech company, a company in constant change.

Mattias Jonsson, Team Manager Systems Development – I like the variation in the work. There is always something new going on in the company and as a part of tech development you are always dedicated to provide good solutions for the business. To work this close with the business and see the result is what triggers me. The reason why I find Zmarta attractive was that it is successful company in an interesting branch. To work with tech in the financial industry and try to find new ways to help customers save money as well as challenge the big established banks was what convinced me. The mix of people with different knowledge in different area that works together is what I think Zmarta is all about.

Maria Hall, CTO – I joined the company in May 2018, moving on from the role as CTO at Prisjakt. I’m excited to be a part of the growth journey as we’re on, and think that Zmarta combines the best of two worlds – the pioneer feeling and entrepreneurial energy with stability and financial muscles. Read an interview with Maria here.