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Product & Tech

Zmarta puts the customer first and has a user centric approach. Our goal is to create innovative services where nobody spends a penny too much on their household economy.

We are highly data driven and A/B-test the majority of our changes to see if the user appreciates the changes. Everyone is highly passionate about creating a better user journey every day and we have a lot of fun at work while doing that.

Great products are built by autonomous teams that have the right tools for the job. We are agile and take responsibility for our products. We also use modern frameworks such as node.js and vue.js, and build components as Microservices. Furthermore, we work continuously for integration of deployment to our environments in AWS. Machine Learning technology is also used to ensure that we contact our customers at the right point of time with the right message.

And because we know that it takes as much inspiration as ingenuity, we use hackathons, conferences, meetups, and our popular ‘Zmarta Talks’ forums to get those cogs whirring.

Product & Tech are based in Ängelholm and Jönköping.

Mattias Jonsson

Team Manager Systems Development

“We find new ways to help customers as well as challenge big established banks… You work closely with the business and see the result.”


In our portfolio, you find well-known brands such as Insplanet, Elskling, Freedom Finance and Zmarta. We work tirelessly to develop our brands and their offers in order to stay ahead of competition. We put our products to the test, learn from the results and grow as a team. We never settle with good but thrive for great. Our department consists of MA specialists, performance specialists, marketing and communication experts, affiliate marketeers and content writers, all working together to provide top-notch marketing and market communications.

Niklas Jansson

Chief Marketing Officer, Zmarta Group
”The marketing team is working as ONE team internally and with our suppliers. We combine traditional ATL-marketing with data- and performance-driven activities to reach and impact as many people as possible. All to achieve our vision – a world where no one pays a penny too much.”

Agnes Palinski

Head of PR and Communications, Zmarta Group

“Zmarta’s ambition to help people save money together with an entrepreneurial culture where everyone is given the opportunity to improve and excel made me want to become a member of the Zmarta team. At Zmarta, we’re given the opportunity to learn more and faster. The team members have different skill sets and interest areas, but we all share an ambition to excel in our chosen field, to learn more and to broaden our perspectives by learning from each other.”


At Zmarta, we’re passionate about making private finances easy, by saving time and money for our customers. The customer experience is at the center of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on having short decision paths in a nonhierarchical organization. As an organization, we have an entrepreneurial approach, high ambitions and an open mind to new ideas and initiatives. The pace is fast and we’re accustomed to constantly juggle multiple tasks and projects, and get the priorities right. We strive toward a working environment defined by trust in our own and others’ ability, where everyone is confident making their own decisions. That’s how we can best develop, both as individuals and as an organization. We can offer a fun and challenging work environment with good opportunities to develop professionally, while helping people improve their private finances. Our services are used by more than one million people every year and have been used by more than three million households since the start.

Fabian Van Beirs

Partner Manager Electricity, Elskling

“The best thing about working at Elskling, a part of Zmarta, is that we make money when our customers save money. This means that we always put the customer first, a mindset that runs through our entire organization, and the main reason I started here five years ago. The fact that we are a young company where everyone is passionate about what they do and love to come up with ideas on how we can develop our services for the better, makes it a stimulating environment to be in.”


In Human Resources at Zmarta Group, we work to support the company's vision “A world where no one pays a penny too much” and our purpose, “to enable people to make smarter decisions”. In order to fulfil these promises, we need to promote a work environment that is built on our promises to our customers. They need to permeate our company culture, from how we treat each other to how we collaborate with everyone from colleagues to partners and customers and be reflected in everything that we do.

In Human Resources, we combine the company’s vision, purpose and values with the Zmarta Group strategy to create powerful and effective services, activities and processes that makes Zmarta Group an attractive place to work for talented and committed people. We are passionate in our common ambition to not only attract, but also develop all of our staff in order for everyone in our company to be a part ot the opportunity to shaping the future of Zmarta Group in an inspiring and ’zmart’ environment.

Sabina Lindström


“I am very pleased to be part of Zmarta Group, which I can see, through its actions, matches the values I have. To act smart, innovative and commercially with curiosity, drive and empathy is, as I see it, a basis for success and development, regardless of whether in contacts with customers or employees. To have the privilege of working for a company that continuously strives to develop, and where innovation is high on the agenda is both fun and challenging and I am happy to be part of the continued journey.“

Kajsa Kurtsson

Head of Culture & Special Projects

"At Zmarta, culture does not eat strategy for breakfast – Culture is our strategy! It is a true bless to work with such talented, focused, skilled and genius great people at Zmarta!

I've been with the company for over a decade in various roles and responsibility areas, and must say that I am speechlessly proud of our constant eager to improve and develop each other as individuals and of course our business, for our customers to enhance their private economy. The strictly regulated business we are in, combined with the fun curiosity and entrepreneurial atmosphere and mindset we have at Zmarta Group, makes the perfect recipe for me waking up happy and thrilled every morning!"

Our values

We developed our core values as a team, because that’s how we thrive as a company and grow as individuals. Our core values reflect our culture, and define the way we interact with customers, stakeholders and each other.

Our core values are:

Together. We act as one team with our customers, partners and employees in everything we do. We are in this together to find the absolute best solution for everyone involved.

Trusted. Our number one priority is that our customers, partners and employees trust us. Trusting each other by being professional and transparent is key to our mutual success.

Passionate. We will always do everything we can to improve our customers’ finances.
We are dedicated to developing and providing the best possible experiences and solutions to our customers, partners and employees at all times.

Pioneers. We strive to drive the market development and continue to be the leading online comparison service in the Nordics. We have a history of innovation that we continue to be true to whatever we do.

Our colleagues

Tomas Jonson

Chief Commercial Officer Insurance and Electricity at Zmarta and CEO of Insplanet and Elskling

As CEO of Insplanet and Elskling, the two leading comparison services for insurance and electricity in Sweden, I have the privilege of working with something that makes a big difference in the lives and personal finances of many private individuals. In addition, I’m fortunate to be working for a company with an entrepreneurial mindset, where new ideas are born and realized every day. At Zmarta, there’s a strong will to constantly improve our offer and a passion to try new ideas. Last but not least, I’m grateful to work with this amazing bunch of like-minded, but also very different, individuals. Together, we achieve great things and have a lot of fun while we do it.

Rami El-Zein

Commercial Director Mortgage, Zmarta Group

When joining Zmarta in August 2019, I had been working with mortgages and business development for 14 years in various roles and positions. Zmarta’s vision to become the leading financial tech service to help people in the Nordics improve their private finances was very appealing to me.

At Zmarta, we have identified several ways to create value for both partners and users. By putting loans, mortgages, electricity and insurances into one set of services, Zmarta has set a clear goal to address the major costs of most households.

Understanding that each person and financial situation is unique, Zmarta’s solutions present one or several cost reduction options specifically adapted to that person’s preference or needs. Helping each person improve their financial situation in an efficient way is very rewarding. Helping people improve their lives through smart, digital solutions is the future, and I’m honored to be part in creating a future where no one pays a penny too much.

The level of ambition within this company is extraordinary, and to be part of a team of intelligent and hard-working people who always strive for professional excellence is truly inspiring.

Sebastian Franzén

Business Area Manager Insurance, Insplanet

I’ve been at Insplanet, a part of Zmarta, for 13 years. What I really like about this company is the fast pace and how quickly we put ideas into action. We’re able to offer a clear customer benefit, and for that we get appreciation on a daily basis. Through our service, many people have found a better deal on insurance and managed to save money. With all the fantastic colleagues, Insplanet is a place to thrive.

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